Easy and user friendly meeting management with Pronestor

If you are in the market for a complete meeting management solution for your company (e.g. hotel, officina, shared office facility or just a very large company with a need for resource- and room management), you should definitely look for a provider with many years of experience, and who is willing to create a solution that fits your specific needs. It is also important, that your meeting management software integrates with your existing systems, and that the system fits your company’s current work flow, so that you may avoid spending valuable time reeducating your staff – and, at the same time, minimize the risk of mistakes and faulty use of the system.


Pronestor is a competent and well renowned business partner, when it comes to solving companies’ problems with office management, resource management, room management and catering management. Pronestor has years of experience within the field of creating management solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes. This experience enables the skilled professionals at Pronestor to evaluate your company’s needs based on dialogue with you as the customer. You may not need the full-blown Pronestor Software solution, which is the Meeting Management Suite, but you may benefit greatly from choosing one or two of the elements which comprise it: Pronestor Display, Pronestor Room, Pronestor Catering or Pronestor Visitor.


If your company has a lot of visitors passing through every day, Pronestor Visitor is a great way to make them feel welcome and catered to. With Pronestor Visitor, the process of registration and un-registration is easy and smooth, and you can even provide the registered visitor with extra benefits, such as free wifi, access to the cafeteria etc.


If you visit Pronestors website at pronestor.com, you can read more about our products and services, and even download a free trial before you contact us!