Stellar Stones is a new 5 reel, 15 pay line slot machines from Booming Games

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Stellar Stones

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Stellar Stones 5.00 average 5 based on 1 vote 1.

The slot game Stellar Stones stands out and provides the calm demeanour that is seen in a seasoned online slots and slots of a certain calibre. Although the slot machine lacks in action, it hooks players for hours thanks to the alluring design and simplistic game play. Stellar Stones would be the type of free slots one would imagine the late, great David Bowie playing, as a Star man there is no doubt that he would have approved. I daresay we have all experienced one of those days that we just go off into another part of the universe, and when you decide it is your turn be sure to make the time to play this game. There is no doubt that life on earth can be tough, and we can just imagine how hard it would be to live off it, apparently though thanks to Stellar Stones things do get a lot more bearable. Stellar Stones is not hard to crack, there is no mystery, you don’t even have to solve any type of equations to play this one!


There are five standard reels and fifteen pay lines which are static, so there is no time wasted working out how you should bet or the way you should adjust your lines. Players just need to launch the game, load the game play, add their wagers the way that they want to using the simple loading options and hit the spin button, then the reels spin and hopefully lady luck is on their side. Speaking of luck, let’s move on to discuss the pay outs seeing as this is of utmost importance to players. Simply put, Stellar Stones is a basic penny slot, therefore players shouldn’t play if they are expecting huge pay outs, however, it has to be said that whatever potential for returns on investment this slots for fun should certainly warrant the players attention. The most basic symbols are the card faced ones although there is only room for the Jack, Queen and King. Unfortunately, though they will only pay a pitiful 10 coins for five on five reels, which is at best incredibly hard to come by. The good thing though is from this point things all go upwards as other regular symbols arrive to step up expectations of the pay outs that players will want to see.


The highest paying is a yellow gemstone, possibly sapphire or cat’s eye, most important though is that it will pay out 100 coins when it flashes five by five combinations. Things just get better from here, but players need to be patient and wait for the other special symbols to join in. The wild is a stunning heart shaped ruby diamond and not only can this symbol substitute for all other symbols but it also helps the player to climb up to the secret pile of 1,000 game coins. The scatter depicted by a brilliant blue sapphire which is the key to the free spins and needs just three to activate and get the wins rolling in.