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Hells Bars

(3 votes, average 3.67 out of 5)
Hells Bars 3.67 average 5 based on 3 votes 3.

Whilst the loading page is brief it makes an impression with the name of the game shown in burning letters and smoke and flames covering the rest of the screen. Players will also see the horns of the devil against a dark grey background and one things for sure there are no halos or angels here! The main screen however is not as dark as players may anticipate and this is thanks to the bright symbols that are used and take on the form of oranges, plums, lemons and cherries which really are vibrant.
Players will see the smoke and heat from the charred letters at the top of their screen and the 3-reels which are separated with the use of four burning Xs. The attention to detail is apparent here as all the Xs release flames at different points of the game and although the music is pleasant it brings very little to the overall effect of the free slots, however, the pay table is far more impressive.

Value of betting

Every one of the eight symbols shake in an alternative order and the game’s title is befitting as it is complete with devil horns, positioned in the middle of the screen and gets in on the action. The pay lines in this slot machines are fixed but there are plenty of bet options starting from just 0.50 and increasing in 0.50 increments until 2.0 is reached then the bet amount goes up in 2.0 with the maximum being 20. When players change the amount the value in the pay table also changes which is neat as it means that the players can see exactly how they will be rewarded, of note is the 600 given for the 7 symbol. Hells Bars also provides players with the auto play function which provides the players with the freedom to simply sit back and watch as the action unfolds, there is also some other great extras such as the ability to remove the background and sound, and the option to see the history and use keyboard shortcuts. The rules are all displayed on the light grey panel on the left and on the right panel of the pay table.
The logo of Hells Bars is the online slots wild symbol depicted with the name and a set of horns, the maximum the wild can be worth is 10,000 credits, and whilst there is no scatter there is a mystery symbol which is represented by two green dice and offers random prizes when players land three of a kind. These prizes reach a maximum of x500 up to 10,000, and there is also an additional way for players to land increased winnings.

Gamble Feature

Every winning line gives players a stylish and profitable option as the background becomes engulfed in darkness and two devils appear, one red one and one white one. If players wish to proceed they must guess whether the next card is going to be black or red, getting right will double their winnings and players can continue guessing until they guess incorrectly.
The devil really does play a major part in Hells Bars, visually it is stunning and having the full screen is a real help as are the vibrant symbols. Best still the rules are easy to understand and the bonus feature is worthwhile. Although the slotgames may not offer free spins or multipliers it does provide players with real value for money, particularly as playing with the maximum 20 credits can lead to huge wins.