Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror will is a slot with 243 ways where the maximum winnings is around 1,900


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Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror - Upcoming Video Slot from NetEnt

(3 votes, average 4.00 out of 5)
Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror - Upcoming Video Slot from NetEnt 4.00 average 5 based on 3 votes 3.

There is no doubt that the poisoned apple, glass coffin, magic mirror plus the evil queen and seven dwarfs have provided the creative team un the Swedish studios at NetEnt with plenty of inspiration to create a truly spectacular slot that is bound to become one of the most played slots of the summer months. Snow White was originally born into a Royal family but after her mother died in childbirth she was replaced with a wicked stepmother who is the owner of the infamous magic mirror, and one which she asks, “Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?” every morning and the reply from the mirror is always the same, “My queen, you are the fairest in the land.” However, Snow White grows up into a stunning princess and the mirror cannot lie tells the evil stepmother that Snow White is now the fairest of them all and this is when the stepmother orders the huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her. Thankfully for Snow White the huntsman just cannot bring himself to carry out the murder and returns to the palace with an animal’s heart to show that the deed has been dine.


Snow White sets off through the forest where she comes across a cottage belonging to seven dwarfs. After helping herself to some of their food and wine she falls asleep in one of the beds. When the dwarfs come home they say she can stay providing she promises not to let anyone into the house. The next time the evil stepmother consults again her mirror, it tells her that whilst she is the most beautiful in the palace but states that it is Snow White who is the fairest and most beautiful in the land. The evil queen is so outraged that the huntsman lied to her she sets about dressing up and visits Snow White with the sole ambition of killing her. However, all her attempts with a comb, apple and poisoned laces fail. Things get worse for the evil stepmother when a Prince discovers Snow White and falls instantly in love with her, a wedding follows, and the stepmother is invited although she is unaware that the bride is Snow White. It is the mirror that spills the beans when it tells the evil stepmother, “Thou, lady, art loveliest here, I believe; but lovelier far is the new-made queen”.

Review of Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror Netent

The stepmother flies into a rage when she gets to the wedding and the Prince orders her to wear a scalding pair of shoes and dance in them until she finally drops dead for trying to kill his Snow White. Even though at the time of writing this slot is not yet live, but we have had a sneak preview and chance to see a demo. NetEnt have managed to impress once again and having already brought many fairy tales to life they have plenty of experience. We know that the slot will be played out over 5 reels, and 3 rows and players will have the opportunity to activate 7 features which will include Re-Spins, Free Spins and a Pick ‘n’ Click bonus. That’s all we know right now but check back soon for more updates.