Play now for fun at Cash & Camels, a 5-reel, 10 fixed pay lines slot machine from Stake Logic

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Cash & Camels

  • (3 votes, average 3.00 out of 5)
    Cash & Camels 3.00 average 5 based on 3 votes 3.

    Cash & Camels also has an amazing soundtrack which features a of Egyptian percussion instruments, which include drums, cymbals and a sistrum which provide unique sounds as the reels spin and the players travel across the desert. Another feature used in Cash & Camels is the Slots 360° feature which immerses the players to new levels as they discover the pyramids, stop at the sheikh’s harem tent or join the wealthy leader for a pow wow with the camels in the tranquil desert.
    No attention to detail has been missed and every scene is exquisite, and the scenes are on a constant rotate rather than just between spins, and it is here that the three symbols which are positioned on top of the reels with counters and the range of coins come into play. Sitting on top of centre positions of the 1st and 5th reels is an eclipse, and players that land any of the three symbols that are listed above these reels will see their counters disappear one by one until there are none left, and the players are then rewarded with a random number of coins which range between the minimum and maximum number shown.


    Players then proceed onto a different landscape to begin the whole process all over again. Cash & Camels can be played for free and this is a really good way to learn the ins and outs of the game, and players also get to jump aboard a camel for some free transport, however those who want to claim the sheikh’s money will need to play for real and will have to pay for their camel transport and it certainly beats burning your feet on the scorching sand!
    The structure of Cash & Camels is simple and kind to players and you don’t have to be flush or even a wealthy player to spin these reels. With a bet range that spans from a miniscule 0.01 to 0.50 with between one and ten that can be staked on each line, which means a low limit of 0.10 and max bet of 50.00 credits. It is also important for players to understand that the 360° feature resets the symbol countdowns to the original values and players that make an adjustment to the size of their bet half way through a scene, and players should try and avoid doing this, just collect their prize and make any changes at the beginning of the next scene.


    It is the themed symbols that dominate the pay table with the lower valued symbols represented by hieroglyphics, and they include falcons, the eye of Horus, a fancy ruby gem with a gold ankh engraved with gold and scarab beetles. These four animated characters add a true personality to the game with the camels grunting every time they appear, the mummy stretching out its arms and coming to life. The sheikh’s wife complete with veil pops up with a delivery of gold cons that she drops for players to collect, and the colourful sheikh who is the highest paying symbol with a reward of x500 the players stake and having such a huge amount of cash the sheikh bursts out laughing as he tosses the coins into the air, something that players will never get bored of!