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  • (5 votes, average 4.20 out of 5)
    Asgard 4.20 average 5 based on 5 votes 5.

    Players are taken to the legendary land that is Asgard where they can search for fabulous prizes and take advantage of some unique and exclusive bonuses. The bonuses that players can trigger randomly are also linked to the four exemplars in the form of Loki, Freja, Odin and Thor. These symbols can then morph into a diagram making them more likely to create winning combinations. Lucky players could land all the Asgard symbols on their screen and be rewarded with the highest prize of all. To get started players must decide how many coins they wish to play with, there is a minimum bet of 25 tokens per spin up to a massive 125 tokens per spin. The graphics and music are completely in line with the mythical theme and as mentioned earlier it is the Gods that pay out the most. Odin will reward the player with 1,250 tokens if they have the maximum wager placed, Freja pays up to 1,000 tokens, Thor pays up to 750 tokens and Loki will pay a handsome 500 tokens.


    All the other symbols including the letters and numbers will pay out between 50 – 100 – 250 tokens dependent on whether they have landed 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbol on their pay line. Asgard is the wild and comes in handy to substitute for the other symbols in play to create winning combinations this is except for the helmet as this symbol has its own bonus value. There are four separate functions that can be triggered at random whilst playing the slot Asgard. Odin has the capacity to turn all the low value symbols on the pay line wild. Freja can turn one or more into stacked wilds, Loki causes chaos and adds mysterious symbols to the pattern that once the reels have spun can then morph into other symbols and finally Thor transforms some of the symbols into wilds.


    Players that manage to find three of the bonus symbols will trigger five free spins before one of the above unique functions is randomly chosen and comes into play. With the five impressive bonus modes and free spins this slot has a huge number of positives such as the doubling wilds, re-spins, fully wild reels, multiplier wins of up to six times the players bet and an excellent jackpot. To find all these treats in one slot is amazing and guaranteed to ignite a great deal of excitement for the players, don’t take our word for it, give it a go you won’t be disappointed.